Whether it’s a sit-down, plated service or a beautiful buffet; we offer you great flexibility in planning the menu. Are you looking for additional services? We can refer photographers, musicians, florist, incredible pastry chefs and valet service. We work with you to provide the best of food and service. Our waiters are professional, personable and prompt. We go out of our way to make your day go effortlessly. Our food is innovative and goes beyond the expected wedding fare.
Coordinating the rentals and all details is included.


Contemporary to classic, our menu choices will please your guests.
We provide a lavish buffet with a full array of breakfast breads and sweets. A pancake bar is a great way to adding a festive air. Wonderful smoked salmon, assorted fresh baked bagels, cream cheese and the accoutrements. Breakfast enchiladas, a healthy version of Waldorf salad. The best Caesar Salad topped with grilled breast of chicken. A bountiful display of cookies and bite size desserts. These are some of the choices available to continue the celebration.

Corporate Events

We have been catering events for corporate functions for over 10 years. Events hosting as many as 300 guest. Companies such as PAUL HASTINGS; DUFF AND PHELPS; SUSMAN and GODFREY; PACHULSKI STANG ZIEHL AND JONES.

This is but a sampling of the events that we cater. Having an event that needs that special touch? Give us a call and we’ll take care of everything for you.


Sample Menus

Upscale 60th Birthday Party
Stationary Items

*Cheese display (a nice variety) to include Humboldt Fog, Saint Agur, Triple Creme Explorateur, St. Andre, Saint Agur, Canadian Extra Sharp, and more…
Assorted crackers
Fig and Port Jam as cheese condiment
Variety of dried fruits and toasted nuts – Medjool dates, Turkish apricots
Seared Tuna Vietnamese Summer Rolls wrapped in rice crepe
Lemon Mint Sauce – mildly spiced
Crispy Brussel Sprouts – pickled shallots, aromatic vinaigrette
Tray passed
Mini Latkes Creme Fraiche with chives and dill topped with smoked salmon
Grilled Cheese and zucchini pesto soup shot
Caesar Salad mini crunchy croutons, shaved parmesan
Tied with chive
Wagyu Beef Meatballs served in Chinese ceramic spoons – vegetable puree sauce with demi-glace reduction and herbs
Dinner – buffet
Grilled Chilean Sea Bass – soy, orange, Bernstein’s basting
Roasted yellow tomato and yellow pepper salsa
Grilled small filet mignon-marinated herbs, garlic, cracked pepper
Wasabi-dijon demi glace
Glazed skewered bbq chicken
Grilled rack of lamb chops – marinated herbs, garlic, cracked pepper
Argentinian Chimichurri- Herbacious Garlic Sauce with red wine vinegar and lemon juice
Farm Table Buffets
Risotto with white wine, parmesan, butter and mixed fresh herbs
Fingerling Potatoes with thyme and garlic
Roasted cauliflower- Charmoula on the side
Fusilli pasta with roasted shallot puree, thyme, garlic, sun dried tomatoes and feta
Roasted candy beets- three colors from Underwood Farms – served as a light fresh salad
Roasted three color baby carrots from Underwood Farms
Precious Gems Lettuce with French style vinaigrette
Extraordinary baby kale salad with dates, blueberries, apples, Smoky Vinaigrette
Abundance of grapes – all varieties
Fresh mixed berries
Whipped cream
Individual Plum, Nectarine, Peach Crisps
German Chocolate cupcakes
Smores made with dark chocolate  

Engagement Party

Tray Passed
Mini Marble Rye Pastrami Sliders – served warm with deli mustard
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, oven roasted tomato and zucchini with herbes de provence on crusty sour dough
Brussel Sprouts Caesar
Shaved brussel sprouts, light Caesar dressing, almonds, pickled red onions, parmesan
Sliders – Homemade buns,  pulled BBQ chicken and hamburger, Mustard and Ketchup on the side
Veggie and chicken skewers, brushed with Toasted Almond-Roasted Tomato Pesto
Sushi station
Chef Salmon, Tuna, Hamachi
Spicy Tuna Sushi Rolls, Faux Crab California Rolls
Smoked Salmon, Dill Cream Cheese with Lemon Zest and Asparagus
Plus offering of Soy paper rolls
Cheese/ Charcuterie table
Assorted Domestic and Imported Cheeses
Served with condiments such as Membrillo (Quince Paste), Fig and Tawny Port Compote, Toasted Almonds and Walnuts, Dried Apricots and Medjool Dates
Assorted Grapes, Sliced Apples, Strawberries, Sliced Pears
Plus the Halved Filled Medjool Dates with Cashew Sesame Honey Butter spread
Assorted Crackers and Breads plus Russian Pumpernickel
Italian Bresaola – beef- served on a white bean Arugula salad
Sliced Homemade Focaccia
Bündnerfleisch – Switzerland Beef
Caramelized Pearl Onions with Balsamic Glaze and baby twice smashed roasted red potatoes
Kosher Salami – Beef
Assorted Olives and Assorted Pickles
Thinly Sliced Dark Rye
Chinese chicken salad in box- Crunchy Asian Sesame Chicken Salad with Nori- torn crisped Nori sheets sprinkled on top, toasted Almonds, Julienne of Jicama, Mandarin Oranges, Scallions, Rice Vinegar Lime Dressing
B’Astilla – Moroccan Chicken And Almond with Aromatic Saffron Egg Sauce, dusted with Powder Sugar
Kahlua Fudge Brownies
Mini Upside Pineapple cakes – Spiced Rum Glaze
Mini Carrot Golden Raisin Walnut Cakes with Non-dairy Orange Frosting
Chocolate Chunk Pretzel Challah Bread Pudding

Rosh Hashanah Dinner

Tray Passed
Mock Chopped Liver with Cocktail Dark Rye
Three Cheese Grilled Cheese on Sour dough
Mini Lamb Kabob with Dijon and Fresh Herbs
Latkes with Smoked Salmon – chive cream
First Course
Caramelized Onion Focaccia
Barley Roasted Vegetable soup in a chicken broth base
Paired with Salad of Slivered Apples, Candied Pecans, Mandarin Oranges, Pomegranate Seeds
Citrus Dressing
Salmon with Soy, Maple, Ginger and Orange Glaze
Brisket with Lightly Sweetened Sauce
Medley of Roasted Fingerling Potatoes, Carrots and Cauliflower
Green Beans with Toasted Almonds
Flourless Chocolate Torte with Non-dairy whipped cream
Mixed Fruit Crisps with almonds, oats and brown sugar
Mixed Berries

Give us a call and we’ll take care of everything for you.